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Ferries Apulia

Discover the main routes from and to Apulia in 2023

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Located along the beautiful Adriatic coast, Puglia is a fascinating destination for tourists in search of sun, sea and culture. If you are planning a holiday and need to withsider how to reach the heel of Italy, here is some useful information on the main ports and a list of ship routes to and from Puglia. The ferry is, in fact, a comfortable and attractive way to travel: the journey may be long depending on the route chosen, but it is possible to book an armchair or a cabin to rest, eat on board and, above all, you can take your car, motorbike or camper van with you to move easily around Puglia once you disembark in Bari or Brindisi.
Moreover, the ferry from Puglia is also the best way to reach the Tremiti Islands.

The main ports of Apulia

Puglia boasts numerous ports, but there are mainly two that serve as departure and arrival points for passenger ships.

Port of Bari

Located in the heart of the city of the same name, the port of Bari is the main access point to Puglia by sea. Every year, tens of thousands of tourists arrive here to visit the city and reach other tourist destinations in the region. Bari is a well-withnected city and it is easy to get around from here by car (own or rented) or by train.
The port of Bari provides withnections from Croatia, Albania and Greece with the companies Anek Lines, Ventouris Ferries, GNV Grandi Navi Veloci, Jadrolinija and Adria Ferries.

Port of Brindisi

The port of Brindisi is located on the eastern Adriatic coast and is an important hub for ferries withnecting Puglia to Greece and Albania. Brindisi is a modern port with efficient facilities and three shipping companies operate here: Grimaldi Lines, European Ferries and A-Ships Management S.A.
Arriving in Brindisi by boat with an accompanying vehicle is certainly ideal for those who want to visit the Salento in peace.

Main routes to and from Apulia by ship

Active routes from the two main airports in Apulia allow arrivals from various cities in Greece, Albania and Croatia with day or night travel.

Ferries to and from Bari

Here is a list of the main routes to Bari and some information on duration and operating companies:

  • Bari - Corfu (Ionian Islands, Greece): 8 hours with Anek Superfast and 10 hours with Ventouris Ferries
  • Bari - Dubrovnik (Croatia): 10 hours with Jadrolinija
  • Bari - Durres (Albania): 8/9 hours with Grandi Navi Veloci, Adria Ferries & Ventouris Ferries
  • Bari - Igoumenitsa (Greece): 8 hours and 30 minutes with Ventouris Ferries and 11 hours and 45 with Anek Superfast
  • Bari- Patras (Greece): 16 hours and 30 minutes with Anek Superfast
  • Bari - Sami (Kefalonia, Ionian Islands, Greece): 17 hours and 15 minutes with Ventouris Ferries
  • Bari - Split (Croatia): 10 hours with Jadrolinija

Ferries to and from Brindisi

Below is some information on the companies operating the routes to and from Brindisi and the duration of the journey:

  • Brindisi - Corfu (Ionian Islands, Greece): 6 hours and 30 minutes with Grimaldi Lines
  • Brindisi - Igoumenitsa (Greece): 7 hours with Grimaldi Lines
  • Brindisi - Patras (Greece): 16 hours and 30 minutes with Grimaldi Lines
  • Brindisi - Vlora (Albania): 7/8 hours with European Ferries and A-Ships Management S.A

Ferry connections to the Tremiti Islands

These 3 ports provide connections from Apulia to San Domino and San Nicola all year round.
It is not possible to take your car, motorbike or camper van on these routes and the duration of the crossing to the Tremiti Islands varies depending on the port of departure and the shipping company chosen between NLG and Gruppo Armatori Garganici:

  • departure from Rodi Garganico: 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach San Nicola
  • departure from Peschici: 1 hour and 30 minutesto reach San Nicola
  • departure from Vieste: 2 hours and 10 minutes to reach San Domino e 1 ora e 30 minutes to reach San Nicola with NLG (2 hours and 20 minutes with Gruppo Armatori Garganici)

Ferries to and from Puglia are a viable option to reach the region especially for those who wish to go on holiday with their own car. Whether it is a holiday discovering Puglia's beautiful beaches, historic villages or rich culture, crossing the Adriatic Sea by ship to Puglia is a unique experience.
Don't forget that Puglia is also easily accessible by plane: the region is well connected with direct flights from major cities in Italy and Europe.

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