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Beaches at Brindisi, Ostuni and the Surrounding Area

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The Upper Salento, in the heart of Puglia, Italy, offers a charming and magical coastal stretch, famous for its enchanting beaches and hospitable seaside resorts. This coastline, which stretches from Torre Guaceto to Casalabate, along the Adriatic coast of Brindisi, maintains a wild and almost untouched character. Characterized by stunning panoramic views and enchanting coves hidden by tall rocky cliffs, some of which reach six meters, it offers a unique experience. The sea, typical of the beaches of Brindisi, boasts azure and crystal-clear water. The seabeds vary between sandy and rocky, creating the ideal environment for snorkeling enthusiasts. This combination of natural beauty and landscape variety makes the Upper Salento a favorite destination for sea lovers.

Lido Morelli (Ostuni)

Lido Morelli, also known as the Morello River beach, is almost two kilometers long and is characterized by soft white sand. Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Ostuni, in summer it is very popular but without becoming excessively crowded.

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Lido Morelli
Lido Morelli
Lido Morelli

Credits: Trovaspiagge

Lido Specchiolla (Carovigno)
Lido Specchiolla is characterized by white sandy and fine beach, uncrowded, perfect for relaxing and sunbathing in peace.


Lido Specchiolla
Lido Specchiolla
Lido Specchiolla

Photo Credits: Panoramio

Torre Pozzelle (Ostuni)

The beach of Torre Pozzelle is characterized by its still wild appearance, characterized by cliffs, small coves, and surrounded by typically Mediterranean vegetation. The sea is very beautiful and transparent and is about 7 km from the center of Ostuni.

Torre Pozzelle
Torre Pozzelle
Torre Pozzelle

Photo Credits: Antonio ColucciGiuseppe D'Ambrosio

Torre Santa Sabina (Brindisi)
Popular uncrowded beach in the coast of Brindisi. The sand is very fine and clear, about 20 km from the main town.

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Torre Santa Sabina
Torre Santa Sabina
Torre Santa Sabina

Photo Credits: Giuseppe Giove, trovaspiagge

Archeolido (Fasano)

Located near the archaeological area of Egnazia, it is a beach equipped with olive trees, sun loungers, umbrellas, and a snack bar with affordable prices. The water changes from azure near the shore to blue as it goes towards the horizon.

Guna Beach (Brindisi)

A sandy beach with facilities for a 5-star holiday. Equipped with private gazebos, a bar with exclusive cuisine, wifi, beach sports equipment, jacuzzi for a fee, and a golf practice range.

Torre Guaceto

The beach of Torre Guaceto, located in Carovigno in the province of Brindisi, is a charming stretch of white and golden sand in the heart of the Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve. Easily accessible from the SS 379, the beach offers paid parking with shuttle service and bicycle rental. Its beauty is characterized by sandy dunes, turquoise and crystal-clear sea, and cliffs at water's edge. The beach is equipped with umbrellas, sun loungers, and solar platforms for people with disabilities. Some areas of the reserve, such as the Spiaggia delle Conchiglie, are not accessible to preserve its natural richness. The Nature Reserve, divided into marine and terrestrial zones, offers activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, trekking, cycling, and trips with the Trenino del Mare. The reserve also hosts a historic Aragonese tower.

Available services:

  • Umbrellas and sun loungers
  • Solar platforms for disabled
  • Snorkeling and diving (with authorization)
  • Trekking and cycling
  • Trips with the Trenino del Mare
  • Paid parking with shuttle service and bicycle rental
Torre Pozzelle

Spiaggia Apani

Spiaggia Apani, located near the Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve in Alto Salento, offers a landscape of rare beauty along the Adriatic coastline. This free beach, ideal for those seeking relaxation and privacy, is located in zone C of the reserve. With paid parking at Boa Gialla just 100 meters away, it is easily accessible. The beach, stretching for almost a kilometer, boasts natural red cliffs and fine sand with a reddish hue. The sea here slopes gently, with clear and transparent water, perfect for a classic summer day. Continuing to the left, you reach the Centro Velico Torre Guaceto, where the sand becomes white and the water even more enchanting. For those who prefer a more exclusive experience, there is "Guna Beach," an equipped beach just before the Apani intersection, with paid services and reviews available on Tripadvisor. Apani is one of the most beloved beaches, particularly stunning when the Scirocco wind blows.

Available services:

  • Paid parking
  • Free and equipped beach
  • Clear and transparent water
  • Sailing center for water activities
  • Natural red cliffs
  • Guna Beach with exclusive paid services

Spiaggia di Sciaia

Spiaggia di Sciaia II, located on the Adriatic Sea in the Brindisi region, is 6.4 km from the center of Brindisi and 1.6 km from the center of Contrada Lo Bia. It is distinguished by its spacious bays, crystal-clear water, and soft sand. Due to the presence of rocks in the water at various points, it is advisable to wear special shoes. The water entry is of normal clarity, making the beach suitable for various types of visitors, whether alone or seeking relaxation. Despite its beauty, it remains peaceful even in high season. Spiaggia di Sciaia II is managed by beach clubs, with services available exclusively in the paid areas. The water is slightly turbid due to the scirocco wind, and there is a small section of rocks near the shore, but the beach remains a pleasant and not too crowded destination.

Available services:

  • Beach club with paid access
  • Sun loungers and umbrellas
  • Café bar
  • Changing rooms
  • Showers and sinks
  • Lifeguard service in season
  • Nearby parking.

Campo di Mare

Campo di Mare, located about 8 km from San Pietro Vernotico and 20 km from Brindisi, is a picturesque seaside area known for its clayey cliffs and brackish herbs growing along the coast. The beach is characterized by breakwaters that have extended its surface. It borders to the south with the marina of Torre San Gennaro and to the north with the area of Cerano. In the past, it was a vast wooded plain, crossed by the river "Lu Iume," once rich in aquatic life. Today, the area is known for its vineyards that have also inspired a local wine brand. Thanks to the constant presence of the north wind (tramontana), Campo di Mare offers a breezy climate. It is a popular destination for local holidaymakers and tourists for its crystal-clear waters, shallow sandy seabed, ideal for families with children.

Available services:

  • Restaurant for lunch and dinner (available from mid-July to mid-August)
  • Bar
  • Umbrellas and sun loungers


The stretch of beach that extends from Casalabate to Torre Rinalda in Salento is an example of natural beauty and pure freedom. This long stretch of soft white sand, once marred by illegal building, has witnessed a gradual requalification that has improved both the coastline and the nearby town. The coastline is enriched by lush vegetation and features various traces of rural settlements and fortified farmhouses. The beach is suitable for various types of visitors and remains peaceful even in high season. Despite some areas being occupied by beach clubs, there is a large area of free access with several amenities.

Available services:

  • Beach club with paid area
  • Sun loungers and umbrellas
  • Café bar
  • Changing rooms, showers, and sinks
  • Rental of water activities (catamarans, jet skis, etc.)
  • Lifeguard service
  • DJ and music on the beach
  • House of crepes and waffles
  • Clean bathrooms and changing rooms
  • Parking available
  • Relaxed atmosphere with good background music.
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