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The long Apulian coastline offers the most varied views: long stretches of sand and pebbles alternating with rocks, rugged rocky coastlines cutting through the sea. These are just some of the destinations you can visit in Apulia.

Holiday offers 2023
Holiday offers 2023
Top 10 hotels in Puglia
Top 10 hotels in Puglia

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Our selection is designed to meet everyone's needs, proposing many seaside offers in Puglia, in the most famous and lesser-known locations. Here are some suggestions for finding the perfect hotel that combines a relaxing seaside holiday with discovering the area.

Suggested for Beach Holidays

Whether you want to spend time with your family, on the beach or on a boat, here are some ideas for planning your next beach holiday in Puglia.

Read all about Puglia with our Guide 2023
Read all about Puglia with our Guide 2023
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