Masserie in Salento

  • Masseria Muntibianchi Agriresort

    Otranto (Lecce)

    From 115 € (per Room per Night)
    The Salento countryside is the backdrop to the Masseria Muntibianchi, which rises with its white walls amidst great....»»
  • Naturalis Bio Resort

    Martano (Lecce)

    From 220 € (per Room per Night)
    Located on a promontory in the Salento countryside within a property of more than 18 hectares the Naturalis Bio Resort....»»
  • Masseria Mongio dell Elefante ****

    Otranto (Lecce)

    From 164 € (per Room per Night)
      Majestically positioned on the Otranto coastline, five kilometres from the city in the Salento region, the Masseria....»»
  • Masseria Bagnara ****

    Lizzano (Taranto)

    From 250 € (per Room per Night)
    Just a kilometer from the blue Ionian sea, Masseria Bagnara welcomes its guests in Lizzano, a pretty town of Salento, at....»»
  • Masseria Scaledda

    Manduria (Taranto)

    From 120 € (per Room per Night)
    Masseria Scaledda is located in the nature reserve of the eastern Tarantino Park, not far from holm oak woods,....»»
  • Masseria Relais SantaTeresa ****

    Sannicola (Lecce)

    From 120 € (per Room per Night)
    Located north of Gallipoli, which is 4 km away, Masseria Relais Santa Teresa is a few km from the beautiful beaches of....»»
  • Tenuta Rocci Cerasoli

    Parabita (Lecce)

    From 150 € (per Room per Night)
    Tenuta Rocci Cerasoli is immersed in the Salento countryside, 10 km from Gallipoli, 40 km from Lecce and 45 km from....»»
  • Masseria Rauccio

    Melendugno (Lecce)

    From 80 € (per Room per Night)
      Masseria Rauccio can be reached through a country road bordered by dry stone walls, and is surrounded by an expanse....»»
  • Tenuta Mose

    Gallipoli (Lecce)

    From 261 € (per Room per Night)
      Immersed in the Salento countryside, Tenuta Mosé is a charming hotel steeped in history where time passes at a....»»
  • Masseria Panareo Hotel ***

    Otranto (Lecce)

    From 63 € (per Room per Night)
    l has a serene, family-friendly atmosphere and is surrounded by ample gardens, forming a charming rural picture where....»»
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