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Holidays in Gargano – The rediscovery of Gargano region, the spur of Italy

The beautiful Gargano area is within the province of Foggia and coincides with the homonimus promontory. The Gargano is a rocky spur that covers a portion of the coastline of more than 60 km. It shows a succession of lovely bayscovescaves and small hills. What is most striking is the beauty of nature, remained largely intact and not violated by humans. In the Gargano everything has remained as in ancient times. You will find the small fishermen's houses perched in the most unexpected places, solid stone walls that separate the territories and, above all, the wonderful crystal clear sea, that charms and bright.

Gargano, Puglia
Gargano, Puglia
Gargano, Puglia

Tourism is growing and developing rapidly: more and more tourists are fascinated by the beauty and variety of Gargano landscapes and choose it for their holidays.

The variety of the landscape is wide: in Gargano region is the National Park, a good sight to visit during your holidays, if you want to deepen their knowledge of the area.

Holiday destination for nature lovers, the Gargano is also appreciated for its beautiful castles, witnesses of people that have dominated the territory over the years, as the Castle of Manfredonia and the Castle of Monte Sant'Angelo.

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