Beach villas in Puglia
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About us

We are Italian and deeply in love with our land, its traditions and culture, its historical and artistic heritage, and its scenic beauty. We love everything that is truly Made in Italy, and that makes Italy known all over the world. To present the best that exists in Italy, it is necessary to give voice to the countless peculiarities that characterize each region. This is why we created CharmingItaly, a tour operator specialized in luxury vacations in Italy, and a series of dedicated websites on specific regions (Sardinia, Puglia, Sicily and Tuscany).

What do we do at CharmingItaly?

We cater to travelers who want to escape from the usual mass tourism, because they prefer the simplicity of nature, but without sacrificing good service, good food, and the true identity of the places they experience.
To offer our travelers an Authentic Experience, we have personally selected the best of Italian hospitality, keeping in mind what we consider the fundamental elements that guarantee excellence:

  • Unique locations, where nature and culture are always at hand.
  • Authenticity in Design, with special attention to the preservation of Italian Style.
  • Attentive and genuine Service, focused on the full satisfaction of the traveler.
  • Excellent Cuisine, able to enhance local flavors and Italian traditions.

However, we did not want to limit ourselves to a selection of the best Hotels and Villas in each region. Our goal is to create, according to the needs of the individual traveler, a complete Charming Experience, capable of bringing the chosen Destination to life to the full. That is why we have complemented the hotel offer with a proposal of carefully selected Local Experiences.

We constantly check the quality of the accommodations we work with: discover the quality label Selected by Charming!

What do we believe in at Charming?

We are aware that to work at our best we cannot do without the following elements:

  • People - we focus on the constant growth of our staff, proud ambassadors of Italian products, happy to introduce Italy to travelers from all over the world.
  • Partners - we collaborate only with the best suppliers, weaving relationships of mutual respect and esteem.
  • Culture - the knowledge that we live in one of the most beautiful countries in the World motivates us to make these beauties more and more accessible, so that our Cultural and Natural Heritage becomes global, and is preserved and handed down to future generations.
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Why choose Charming?

There are at least 3 reasons why you should choose

1. Always by your side
Our Travel Consultants have in-depth knowledge of all destinations and hotels in our collection and can offer personalized, multilingual assistance at all times: before, during and after your stay and can be contacted anytime by phone, email or chat.

2. Selected by Charming
Our website features only properties that are truly capable of providing unique experiences through quality services and authentic hospitality, where the stay is merely the starting point of a journey to discover the culture, culinary traditions and scenic beauty of an area.

3. Get More
By booking with Charming you get exclusive benefits that make every stay a special one. Welcome drinks on arrival, free gifts of local products, early check in and late check out, transfers to/from the airport and SPA treatments are some of the benefits that hotels often give to Charming guests.