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Lecce Beaches

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Enjoy the splendid sun of Puglia on the beaches of Gallipoli, Otranto and Lecce during your vacation in the Salento!


Gallipoli Beach

Gallipoli is one of the most appreciated and popular beaches of the coast. It looks like a several kilometers long beach, characterized by fine and clear sand, lapped by a turquoise sea.


Suggested Hotels: Masseria Li Foggi and Relais Corte Palmieri

Credits: Cnadia, JohnBurke,1eve


Porto Cesareo (Frigole)

The first impression is to be arrived in a tropical beach, thanks to the clear water and the white sand. The beach of Porto Cesareo has a very shallow sea bed, and allows you to walk to the island of rabbits overlooked. Marine protected area, it is recheable within walking distance along the 200 meters that separe it from the beach; the water is about 1,5 meters deep. You can enjoy great peaceful moments and maybe even make a picnic, but always in full compliance with the behavior rules.  


Suggested Hotel: Le Dune Suite Hotel


Photo Credits: GabrieleValleri


Santa Cesarea Terme (near Otranto)

The beach takes name from the sulphurous waters that characterize the many surrounding caves. Santa Cesarea Terme is mainly rocky, suitable for those who love rocks, small pools created by the rocks which surround the blue and turquoise sea.


Suggested Hotel: Le Capase Resort

Photo Credits: Life Italian StyleN06Mieru79


Spiaggia di Alimini (Otranto)

At about 28 Km from the main city, Alimini beach faces the homonymus lakes, which is part of the marine protected area. The long beach is characterized by white sand dunes separating the beach from the promenade, and a rich Mediterranean vegetation which hosts, among others, endangered species.


Suggested Hotels: Masseria Prosperi and Tenuta Centoporte (Otranto)

Photo Credits: Hydruntum, little spider, N00


Le Maldive del Salento (Santa Maria di Leuca)

The name does not disappoint: the blue sea, the white sand really give the impression to be at the Maldives. The sea bed is shallow here and there are small islands emerging from the clear waters. All around, the dunes are covered with tamarisk and acacia trees, which surround this paradise.


Suggested Hotels: Vivosa Apulia Resort (Ugento), Montirò Hotel (Santa Maria di Leuca)

Photo Credits: Morail, Blunight72, Destino2003


Torre Mozza (Ugento, Lecce)

Situated in a small village of the Salento area, this beach takes its name from the ruins of a watch tower. Easy to reach and with plentiful parking.


Castro Marina (Lecce)

A trip here could include a visit to the nearby Grotta Zinzulusa. The beach has high rock shelves. The locals have built stairs to reach the water.


Cala dell'Acquaviva (Marittima, Lecce)

A small bay you can reach along a pathway in about 7 minutes. The beach is free and has many points for diving. There is a kiosk from which to hire sun beds or take a drink.


Porto Badisco (Otranto)

An inlet with a sandy beach and rocks by the side. According to the Roman writer Virgil, it was here that Aeneas fleeing from the city of Troy landed. We suggest you rent a paddle boat to explore the coast and nearby bays.


La Poesia (Melendugno, Lecce at 20 km from Otranto)

A spectacular spot marked by a cave some 5 m high looking out to sea. You can either swim as far as the cave or reach it by boat. Have a great adventure!


Le Due Sorelle (Melendugno, Lecce)

This beach takes its name from the two stone pillars which emerge from the sea, and offers both sand and rocks.


Baia di Torre Lapillo (Porto Cesareo)

One of the longest beaches in the Salento area (southern Puglia). The sea is crystal azure.


Porto Selvaggio (Nardò, Gallipoli)

You can access this beach after a 15-minute walk from the entrance near Villa Tafuro. The area is very small and it’s difficult to enter the water without beach shoes. Ideal for the adventurous – we don’t recommend it for families with kids. The sea is teeming with fish.


Punta Prosciutto (Porto Cesareo)

When they come here, many Italians maintain that Italy has beaches to rival the Caribbean. The waters are clean and clear with colours running the gamut from blue to green.


The best beaches in the Province of Lecce and the Salento:

1. Spiaggia di Gallipoli (Gallipoli)

2. Spiaggia di Porto Cesareo (Frigole)

3. Santa Cesarea Terme (near Otranto)

4. Spiaggia di Alimini (Otranto)

5. Le Maldive del Salento (Santa Maria di Leuca)

6. Torre Mozza (Ugento, Lecce)

7. Castro Marina (Lecce)

8. Cala dell'Acquaviva (Marittima, Lecce)

9. Porto Badisco (Otranto)

10. La Poesia (Melendugno, Lecce 20 km from Otranto)

11. Le Due Sorelle (Melendugno, Lecce)

12. Baia di Torre Lapillo (Porto Cesareo)

13. Porto Selvaggio (Nardò, Gallipoli)

14. Punta Prosciutto (Porto Cesareo)

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