Luxury Villas Puglia

To truly experience Puglia you need to immerse yourself fully in it. This is why we have chosen for you the best luxury villas in Puglia, ideal for a vacation of pure relaxation in the Puglia countryside. 

These are independent villas able to offer the perfect blend of privacy and exclusive services, villas with pools set against a splendid backdrop, exclusive properties furnished with great style, offering a tasteful combination of traditional and contemporary elements. 

Surrounded by the green of olive groves just a short distance from the sea, the villas included in our selection cater for all types of holidaymakers, be it for families with kids, groups of friends or couples of all ages. 

Choose a villa in the countryside of Puglia or a villa by the sea and discover the wonders of this extraordinary region.


Not to be missed

Martina Franca


Villas at Salento and Valle d’Itria

Among the best-loved destinations in the ‘heel’ of Italy, the Salento is known for its white beaches, its lively nightlife and fabulous wines. Its star attraction is the city of Lecce, known as the ‘cradle of Puglia’s Baroque’, but there are many other gems in this territory. Between Bari and Brindisi, the Valle d'Itria will surprise you with its famous houses with cone-shaped roofs, the trulli, found especially in iconic Alberobello, a small town listed on UNESCO’s world heritage. This appealing historic region contains the best of the region: charming rural scenery, fascinating medieval hamlets, a rich and varied coastline, ancient traditions which have survived unaltered the passage of time.


When to rent a villa in Puglia

For seaside lovers, the best period is probably the very long summer, making it possible to enjoy the favourable climate with mild temperatures right up to October. Winter and autumn also permit full enjoyment of Puglia’s beauty, since it is a region rich in nature areas and is marked by a rich and varied wine and food tradition, among the most appreciated in Italy.

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Polignano a Mare (Bari)

From 1700 € ( price per villa per week )
A splendid property set in the countryside of Polignano a Mare, Masseria Valle dei Ciliegi comprises three separate ....

Ceglie Messapica (Brindisi)

From 2900 € ( price per villa per week )
[Minimum stay: 1 week] Trulli Itaka is a trullo (traditional local building with cone-shaped roof) set in the ....

Martina Franca (Taranto)

From 1500 € ( price per villa per week )
[Minimum stay: 4 Nights] The green countryside of Martina Franca in the renowned Valle d'Itria is home to " ....

Locorotondo (Bari)

From 3500 € ( price per villa per week )
[Minimum stay: 1 week] Trulli Piccoli is a complex of 10 trulli, accommodating in all up to 10-12 guests. This ....

Ostuni (Brindisi)

From 1950 € ( price per villa per week )
[Minimum stay: 4 days] A beautiful trullo dating from the early 20th century, Trullo Tunine with its conical structures....

Castro (Lecce)

From 2800 € ( price per villa per week )
Villa Bianca is a fine property set on the outskirts of Vignacastrisi, a hamlet of Ortelle, just 2.5 km from the small ....

Salve (Lecce)

From 1680 € ( price per villa per week )
[Minimum stay: 4 Nights] Surrounded by a large park with ancient olive trees, Villa Pajara Poetica is located in ....

Carovigno (Brindisi)

From 3000 € ( price per villa per week )
[Minimum stay: 1 week] Surrounded by the olive groves of Carovigno, Villa Butterfly is a stylish villa set right on the....

Gagliano del Capo (Lecce)

From 2800 € ( price per villa per week )
[Minimum stay: 4 Nights] Villa iChiani is located in the village of Gagliano del Capo in the heart of Salento, near the....

Carovigno (Brindisi)

From 2660 € ( price per villa per week )
[Minimum stay: 1 week] Villa Livia is a fine residence built in traditional style, set in the countryside round ....
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