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Salento, Puglia Salento, Puglia Salento, Puglia

Choose the Salento for your next holidays! In the heel of Italy, beautiful land between two seas, the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea. Salento area includes the whole province of Lecce, almost all the province of Brindisi and part of the province of Taranto.

The Salento includes more than 250 km of coastline and sandy rock. The portion of Ionian Sea coast is mostly low and sandy, where dunes are often the characteristics that enhance the landscape. The most famous beach holiday destinations on this stretch of coast are Porto Cesareo, Gallipoli and Torre Vado. 

The coast washed by the Adriatic Sea is generally rather high and jagged. Here there are numerous caves, very nice to visit during your holidays in Salento. The most famous beach holiday destinations along this stretch of coast are Santa Maria di Leuca, Castro Marina, Santa Cesarea Terme, Otranto, Laghi Alimini, San Cataldo and Casalabate. 

What to see in the Salento

  1. Basilica di Santa Caterina d'Alessandria, Galatina
    Stunning frescos and internal pictorial decorations representing various Bible stories: Scenes of the Apocalypse, Genesis and the Seven Sacraments.

  2. Masseria Brancati, Ostuni
    An extensive complex including a traditional farmhouse and ancillary buildings. An example of the typical whitewashed architecture of Puglia. 

  3. Ostuni
    A city which has preserved all the fascination of its past thanks to the chalky white of its buildings. Perched on the summit of a hill.  

  4. Castello Aragonese, Taranto
    A massive castle built as defence against the Saracens and the ships of the Republic of Venice. Looks out over the sea.  

  5. Valle d'Itria
    The area of the  ‘trulli’, historical rural houses with a cone-shaped roof.  

  6. Frantoi Ipogei, Presicce
    Historical olive oil presses in a small medieval village.  

  7. Otranto
    A small town set on the coast which has preserved important medieval buildings, including the Cathedral dell’Annunziata and the Aragonese Castle. 

Traditions in Salento 

Puglia’s inhabitants still take a lively interest in their traditions and local feast days. They are extremely religious as is shown by the elaborate processions held to venerate the Catholic saints. 

They keep alive the tradition of the ‘pizzica’, folk music and dance belonging to the Salento area. It is performed with voice, drum, accordion, violin, mandolin, guitar, flute and cupa cupa. Frenzied music to accompany a dance symbolising a courtship ritual. 

Cuisine in the Salento 

  1. Aubergine pie
  2. Puccia, the local sandwich bread made with pizza dough 
  3. I Pezzetti, a stew made of horse meat 
  4. Frisa, hard local bread soaked in water and dressed with stewed peppers or cherry tomatoes and oil
  5. Orecchiette, a type of pasta ideal when dressed with beet greens 
  6. Stuffed chicken with cheese, fried meat, eggs and bread crumbs 
  7. “Scapece”, fried fish flavoured with breadcrumbs, vinegar, garlic, mint and saffron 

Hotels in the Salento

Browse our selection of hotel for your holidays, or choose to stay in one of the several Masseria surrounded by the nature of Puglia. These typical buildings will make you feel part of the area around you and make your holidays in Salento really special!

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