Province of Lecce

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Fully included in the Salento region, the end of the heel of the boot, the Province of Lecce is the second most populous in Puglia after that of Bari.

Its capital Lecce, cultural and social centre, is considered the cradle of the Baroque Pugliese and is a popular attraction for visitors during their holidays in the Province of Lecce. The territory is almost entirely flat, with hills that slightly go over 200 meters. A peculiarity of this area are Alimini Lakes, northern of Otranto City, in front of the homonymous beach .

Lecce-Basilica Santa Croce Lecce-Punta Palascia Lecce-Maldive del Salento

Under the conventions nautical Cape of Otranto, or Punta Palascia, is the end of the Ionic Sea and the beginning of the Adriatic Sea. Both seas are very popular seaside destinations in the region. Among the beaches of the Ionian Coast we suggest you Gallipoli beach, Porto Cesareo beach in Frigole and the beautiful Maldives of Salento in Santa Maria di Leuca.
Suggested Hotels: Vivosa Apulia Resort (Ugento), Masseria Li Foggi (Gallipoli), Tenuta Centoporte (Otranto), Le Capase Resort (Santa Cesarea Terme) 
Within the beaches of the Adriatic Coast we advise to visit the rocky beach of Santa Cesarea Terme, named by the waters that characterize the coastal caves.

The presence of caves is very frequent in the region due to karst phenomena. During the holidays in the Province of Lecce we suggest you to visit Zinzilusa Caves.

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