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The gorge surrounding Castellaneta is one of the largest of the region. The town became famous for being the birthplace of the famous silent film star Rudolph Valentino. You can visit the museum dedicated to him, opened in 1895. About 10 Km south is the town of Palagiello, dominated by an eighteenth century castle at whose foots are the homonymus gorge. Inside are the church-crypts of St. Nicola and St. Domenico and the crypt of the hermits.

Castellaneta Castellaneta Castellaneta
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Manduria probably resembles more to a Baroque center of Salento than to a city near Taranto. Inside you will find the Archaeological Park of the Walls Messapiche, which represents the oldest documented archaeological settlement in the Province of Taranto.

Manduria Manduria Manduria
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Aragonese Castle (Taranto)
Commissioned by Ferdinand of Aragon in the late fifteenth century, the Aragonese Castle of Taranto was born for defensive purposes. It is also known as Castel Sant'Angelo, it overlooks the sea and is now home to the Militar Navy.

Aragonese Castle of Taranto Aragonese Castle of Taranto Castello Aragonese di Taranto
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