Masserie Puglia

  • Tenuta Centoporte ****

    Otranto (Lecce)

    From 140 € (per Room per Night)
     Tenuta Centoporte is located on the ancient road that links Otranto and Giurdignano. Immersed in the countryside and....»»
  • Masseria Palombara

    Oria (Brindisi)

    From 140 € (per Room per Night)
    The silence of the countryside, the drystone walls and ancient olive trees are the backdrop to Masseria Palombara,....»»
  • Masseria Rauccio

    Melendugno (Lecce)

    From 80 € (per Room per Night)
      Masseria Rauccio can be reached through a country road bordered by dry stone walls, and is surrounded by an expanse....»»
  • Abate Masseria and Resort ****

    Noci (Bari)

    From 94 € (per Room per Night)
    Abate Masseria & Resort is just a few km from the beautiful hamlet of Noci, in the heart of the Valle d’Itria. Its....»»
  • Masseria Montelauro ****

    Montelauro (Lecce)

    From 245 € (per Room per Night)
    The Masseria Montelauro is located in the hinterland of Salento, 2.5 km from Otranto and the sea, in the peaceful....»»
  • Masseria Panareo Hotel ***

    Otranto (Lecce)

    From 63 € (per Room per Night)
    l has a serene, family-friendly atmosphere and is surrounded by ample gardens, forming a charming rural picture where....»»
  • Nina Trulli Resort

    Monopoli (Bari)

    From 230 € (per Room per Night)
    Tortorella, one of the “one hundred hamlets” for which Monopoli is famous, is home to the Nina Trulli Resort, an....»»
  • Masseria Ferarelli Trepizzi - Rural Experience *

    Diso (Lecce)

    From 89 € (per Room per Night)
    In the heart of Salento, a short distance from Castro Marina and the 'Regional Coastal Park Otranto- Santa Maria di....»»
  • Masseria Li Foggi

    Gallipoli (Lecce)

    From 130 € (per Room per Night)
    The Masseria Li Foggi is located in the heart of Apulia, close to the Lido of Gallipoli and only around 1 km away from....»»
  • Masseria Amastuola Wine Resort

    Crispiano (Taranto)

    From 139 € (per Room per Night)
     Situated in the countryside of Crispiano, on a hill 210 m above sea level, the Masseria Amastuola is set at the heart....»»
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