Province of Bari

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Despite the loss of seven municipalities following the creation of the new Province of Barletta-Andria-Trani, with its 1,251,107 inhabitants, the Province of Bari holds the record of most populous province of Puglia

Located in Terra di Bari, the province is characterized by the Murge hills, which reach and often exceeding 600 meters. There are few rivers and no lakes. The water is concentrated in the underground and gave rise over time to many caves, like the famous Grotte di Castellana, very frequented by tourists who choose to visit Bari for their holidays.

Grotte di Castellana Basilica of San Nicola Polignano a mare
The city of Bari is a tourist destination as well as pilgrimages to the Basilica of San Nicola, the patron saint of the city.  The popular trulli are certainly very appreciated. They are ancient dry stone buildings mainly located in the southern part of the province. Very popular are those of Alberobello, a charming town about 20 miles from Monopoli.

The beach of Monopoly is well known and appreciated both by tourists and by locals.
Apart from Monopoli we suggest you to visit the beautiful beaches of Giovinazzo and Polignano a Mare .

Besides tourism, which is developing in recent years, the resources of the Province of Bari are always coming from trade with the lands of the East, from farming and agriculture.





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