Masserie in the Salento

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Masserie in the Salento

Masserie (Country Houses) in the Salento:
The added value of your vacation

Ancient farms and rural dwellings, often fortified, which dot the countryside of Puglia and the Salento.

There are a large number of these old farmhouses in the Salento which have been renovated and refurbished, preserving their traditional architecture and giving these picturesque places a new lease of life.

These old country dwellings are often managed by the owners themselves, who have carefully maintained their original features and their link to a past way of life, the territory and the land.

That’s why the choice of one of these Masserie in the Salento is the best for those of you wanting just a little more from your vacation – a dip into the roots and traditions of the place you’re visiting.

Basically, added value for your holiday – something only these country houses can offer.

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