Spring in Puglia

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Spring in Puglia

The deep south and the heel of Italy: Puglia is authenticity, wild beauty and genuine scents of ancient times. But it is also history, art and archeology.

Spring, and low season in general, are a perfect time of the year to discover the jewels of Puglia.

Just turn your gaze inward and go beyond.

Consider the discovery of the wonderful and unique cities: Lecce, city of baroque art; Alberobello, popular for its Trulli; Otranto, the white city.

Consider the magic and charm of the many castles, that tell the rich history of the region: Castel del Monte of Andria, the Aragonese Castle of Taranto or the Sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo, just to name a few.

Consider what the nature has to offer: a walk in the parks, a visit of the caves: the area between Polignano a Mare and Monopoli is rich in natural spectacular caves, but the most popular caves in Puglia are the ones of Castellaneta.

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