Hotels in Ostuni

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Hotels in Ostuni

In the heart of Salento, Ostuni is a city where, everywhere you turn your gaze, there is a scene to be photographed. It is the White City because of the color of the houses and it is home of many historical and archaeological sites.

If this is not enough, you should know that the quality of its waters and the cleanliness of its coast are a guarantee: the city was, in fact, awarded by both Legambiente and the Blue Flag.

Staying in a hotel in Ostuni means being immersed in all this, and be able to exerience and enjoy what the city has to offer.

Browse our selection of hotels and you will discover that each of them has its own philosophy that is integrated with that of the city and that supports and enhances the strengths of the territory.

Choose your hotel in Ostuni, choose the cover of your holiday!